Veggie Clock

No longer being sold – formerly available on Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Barnes & Noble NOOK Apps

Veggie Clock was an interactive, animated clock, alarm and timer app. A variety of vegetables move to form the time, react to user’s taps and drags, and sometimes even move on their own. They make fun sounds when tapped and there is a veggie song available in the alarm sounds that accompanies a lively animation when the alarm goes off. Veggie clock also included a visual “wedge” timer that’s great for kids’ tasks. It had extras like night mode, Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Key Challenges and Learnings:

  • I spent way too much time debugging the animation engine. In future projects, I used existing engines like Cocos2D, Sprite Kit, and ultimately the Unity game engine which gave my multiple platforms from a single project.
  • I learned that apps need to stay in their categories. I joked that Veggie Clock was a “jackelope,” a mythical midwestern combination of jackrabbit and antelope. People looking for a clock weren’t looking for an interactive toy. People looking for a novelty app didn’t want it to be a clock.