When you lose it, you miss it.

Posted by on November 19, 2005

Eye Chart
Ahhh, a morning when I can sleep in. Sure, Joshua’s romping on the bed, but I can ignore that. Well, I thought I could. Might as well get up. Yawn. Hey, he’s reaching for my – YOW!

Joshua tried to grab my eyeball and scratched the cornea of my right eye.

My Eye

It got really red and hurt badly all day. The doctor gave me antibiotics and assured me that it would be pretty much healed in about 24 hours. It stopped hurting in 24 hours, but it was hardly “healed.” everything had weird shadows and halos. It looked like there were at least three copies of everything – the main one, a second one below it, and a strange different-colored smaller one on the right.

Now I have come to depend on my right eye, and it was very strange to try to drive. Driving around with my eye closed meant no depth perception. Driving with it open was like some of the graphics one of my former coworkers used to “perform” for Grateful Dead concerts with his electropaint program.

I’ve gotten used to being able to see. Sure, I need glasses now, but they pretty much take care of the problem. It was creepy having that vision distortion and wondering if it would go away. I could live a perfectly normal life with it if I had to, but I really missed my normal right eye.

Two days before, I had completely taken it for granted but now I was really missing it.

When it finally healed, I was so grateful. I can see!! But now I’m back to ignoring my right eye… Taking it for granted.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I wonder how I could live a life of gratitude for the simple things I count on… Without experiencing their loss, it’s hard to appreciate how important they are.

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