What I did on my summer vacation and the event that changed my plans

Posted by on July 4, 2007

I was getting ready to blog on all the projects we’ve been doing this week while I have time off from my job at the church – at least that was what I planned to write about until disaster struck.  We’re considering buying a new house (pray for lower interest rates!) and we need to get this house ready to sell or rent.  So this week, we had an impressive list of repairs and clean-up jobs to work on.

Stucco Repair PrepAnd we have finished some of them!  We bought and installed a new stove; we chose and ordered new flooring for the dining room; we removed, fixed, and reinstalled a sticking sliding door; we planted climbing plants and installed trellises on the back patio; we built and installed a top cover for the bathroom medicine cabinet so the wiring is safely enclosed; and we had begun some other projects such as painting, drywall taping, and stucco repair.  The list was actually a bit too long, and I’m doing a wedding this week so we were a bit stressed.

The Fateful Can of PaintBut that was nothing.  Just after lunch, Eleanor was resting and I was reading something on the computer when Johnny came in covered in paint.  I went outside to find that he had opened a gallon of white primer in the garage and used two Frisbees to bring paint out to the lawn to put it on the door Eleanor had been painting.  There was a huge puddle of paint in the garage and our new patio was covered with multiple trails of paint between the garage and the lawn.  He had also painted several things along the way.  I wish I had taken a picture of it, but we were really concerned about getting the paint cleaned up fast before too much of it dried.  Paint dries fast when it’s 102 degrees out.

The Garage Floor - after Johnny’s paintingWe spent all afternoon with scrub brushes, dish soap, and a pressure washer trying to get back to where we were yesterday, and we’re not there yet.

Are Eleanor and I frustrated?  Oh yeah.  Am I upset and disappointed with my son who went and did a bunch of things we’ve repeatedly told him not to do?  Sure.

But sometimes, something that pushes you so far that it’s completely impossible to execute your plans is a little bit freeing.  When our goal was still in sight, I was feeling a lot of stress about executing according to plan.  Now, even if we make no mistakes, we can’t finish it all in the time we have so I can be free!

Johnny after a bathNow I have to rely on God to get me through this.  The idea that I was in control was an illusion in the first place and now it’s been dispelled.  Will I sleep better tonight with everything shot to pieces than I did last night when we were on track?  I’ll have to let you know.  Part of me is experiencing the freedom and another part is struggling to regain control.  It’s too soon to tell which will win.

Some people live in that reality all the time.  In truth, we rely on God’s power and grace and just to get through every day.  Some people who live with big challenges are in touch with that all the time.  I personally am not always aware of it, but I am today.

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