Watch your shoes, men!

Posted by on May 10, 2006

black dress shoes OK. I just read a web page with business advice for men who work with women. It suggests that women see men wearing unpolished shoes as rude.

Is that true? As a man, I pretty much never look at anyone’s shoes. I know that women do look at shoes. For example, when they describe someone to me, they’ll often say, “She was wearing those red strappy sandals” or something like that. Of course I never know who the person is because I never looked at her shoes. Still, I would never have imagined that women would think I’m treating them rudely because my showed aren’t polished.

If they’re right, it’s another example of how men and women live in different worlds. If any women read this blog, leave me a comment and let me know! How new and shiny do my shoes need to be to be respectful?

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