Living or Documenting?

Posted by on November 28, 2006

I’ve experienced this a number times now so maybe it’s worth writing about…

Eleanor and I always used to take cameras along on our vacations and when we came home, we’d find that we had forgotten to take any pictures. Lately, with growing children, we’re more deliberate about taking the pictures. We want to remember each stage our kids go through. Since we don’t print them all out, we enjoy them by showing random pictures as the desktop wallpaper on our computer.

That all sounds fine, right? I’m not sure it is. Sometimes I’m so busy taking pictures that I feel like I’m documenting the event rather than participating in it. That can happen at the church too. I want to be able to share the pictures with others so they can experience a moment, but can I do that without sacrificing my ability to live in the moment?

Scrapbooking and digital cameras have made taking pictures more popular than ever as far as I can tell. But what are we giving up in order to hang onto the moment?  I don’t want to be a spectator in my own life – especially as a dad!

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