Jesus in the pastor’s office

Posted by on March 22, 2006

OK. Jesus didn’t personally show up in my office, but when I reflect on my morning, his words turned out to be true.

In our young adult Bible study on Sunday, we looked at Matthew 6:33, which tells us to seek God’s kingdom first and then we’ll get the other things we need.

I was so pleased to see someone who had a number of life challenges come into my office and want to talk about God! And I wanted to help provide the other things that person needed. Another person came into my office wanting nothing but stuff. The first thing out of that person’s mouth was what our church needed to provide for them. I had no desire to go out of my way for that person.

As least based on my morning, Jesus was right. If we seek God’s kingdom first, we’ll find the other things we need too…

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