Feel the “leadership burn”

Posted by on September 14, 2007


Lately, I’ve been doing a decent job of doing some light weight training on a semi-regular basis (boy, that sentence don’t claim a lot, does it?)  Anyway, every so often, I bump up my weights, and I can really “feel the burn” as my muscles work harder than they’re accustomed to working.  WeightsThere’s something satisfying about the burn even though it’s really hard, and I’m getting stronger because I’m willing push and increase the weight instead of getting comfortable with my routine.

Well, the last couple of months have been the same way for me as a leader.  I’m “feeling the burn” there.  It’s really hard, but I can tell that I’m growing.  I can see that as the church grows and develops, it requires more from me as a leader.  And the only way to get there is to “work out” as a leader.  I know what’s good for me, and I need to push through it.

The other approach would be to declare it “too hard” or decide that I can’t do it because it doesn’t come easily.  Well, I’m deciding not to do that.  I can choose to see this as “feeling the burn” instead of “stressed out beyond belief.”

That choice of perspective makes a big difference.  I’m even looking forward to my evaluation as a way to grow some more and develop the capacity I need to do my job and to be a more effective disciple of Jesus Christ.

Have you “felt the burn”?  What was it like for you?

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