Everyday Evangelism: Seeing with Jesus’ Eyes

Posted by on October 19, 2013

Evangelism literally means bringing the Good News to someone. Everyone can do it. One way is simply to keep your eyes open for need or pain around you. That’s what Jesus did in the gospels! If you see someone who looks confused, ask “May I help you?” If you see someone who looks distressed or hurting, you can say, “It looks like something is bothering you.” If you see someone who looks lonely, you can ask, “Would you mind if I join you for a minute?” If you see someone who’s having trouble with a door or carrying something or reaching a can on a grocery store shelf, you could just say, “Let me help you with that.”

You don’t need a script from there. That person may share a whole story with you. Or they may say “no thanks.” If they tell you a story, you can offer to pray with them or share a bit of your story that relates to theirs.  It’s not that hard.  And you never know what will come of these simple acts of kindness.

The whole time you may be silently praying, “God, please help me through this.” It’s OK if you don’t feel comfortable. God will still use you. Are you ready to bring good news to someone in need? Keep your eyes open!

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