Christmas Consumerism Overload

We try hard not to give our kids a lot of stuff at Christmastime.  We let them get stuff they need like shoes, backpacks, and jackets.  They also get a few fun things.  It’s not extravagent, but somehow there’s always enough to blow the kids’ circuit breakers.  And I guess my circuit breaker blew this year too. … Continue reading »

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Busy-ness vs. Thankfulness

I’ve been busy lately. There are a lot of big things happening at our church plus we have three kids, two of whom are starting new schools this year (one at preschool and one at kindergarten) plus one eight-month-old!   I’ve been working really hard and feeling tired. Sometimes exhaustion can rob you of your joy.But … Continue reading »

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Flu and Thankfulness

I’ve got the stomach flu, and it has completely ruined my plans.  Sure, I should have been prepared when my son Johnny got it a few days ago, but I lived in denial.  I’ll spare you the unplesant details, but the part of this that’s interesting is that on Wednesday, someone in our Revelation Bible … Continue reading »

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Thankfulness: Not So Obvious

Yesterday afternoon, my kids were starting to get a little bit of cabin fever. It was hot, and the air had been smoky for most of the day, but by late afternoon, the air had cleared a bit and a cool breeze was blowing. “Why don’t you go outside and play, Johnny?” I suggested. “There’s … Continue reading »

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