The Mars lander has landed!

We’ve landed on Mars! Check out news from the Phoenix Mars lander.

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Botox poisons the brain?

You’ve heard about Botox – the toxin (poison!) that people use to minimize the appearance of wrinkles – to look younger. Well, there’s a new twist. A recent study in rats shows that the toxin that people inject into their foreheads may travel to the brain, damaging the brain stem!  There have also been human … Continue reading »

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Giant robot to rule International Space Station

OK, I may be exaggerating a bit, but this is how a lot of bad sci-fi movies start out.  A 12-foot tall, 3400 pound robot with 11-foot arms “rose like Frankenstein” to be installed at the International Space Station.  Watch out, guys!  In space, no one can hear you scream.

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God’s fingerprints on our brains?

OK, that title sounds nasty, but what I mean is that every so often we find evidence that what the Bible teaches us about how we’re made is true.  I just read an article that gives us another peek at how God made us.  As it turns out, the need to give is wired deep … Continue reading »

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