Bible Detox for Preachers

One of my sabbatical goals was to read through the New Testament this summer – the church leadership called it “scriptural immersion.”  I was surprised by my resistance to doing it.  My significant burnout was one factor, but that wasn’t the whole story. When I started seminary, I read an article that talked about the danger … Continue reading »

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Love the Church (from Charles Spurgeon)

My friend Eric gave me a copy of C. H. Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook, and I’ve been using it as a daily devotion lately.  Today I happened to peek ahead at the July 10th entry and thought this was worth sharing.  (It’s in the public domain so copy away!) You can find more at In … Continue reading »

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Morning Prayer for Night People

I have to admit it.  For years, people have talked to me about the importance of morning prayer, of starting out each day by dedicating it – and myself – to God.  I have tried a bunch of times to do it too.  But I find it hard. Here’s the deal.  I’m not a morning … Continue reading »

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Waiting for God

I don’t like waiting at all. It’s annoying. And then there’s all that uncertainty. I preached about waiting for God on Sunday.  Then as I was feeling frustrated today about a couple of things, I happened to hear two different people on the car radio at two different times talking about waiting on God…  And … Continue reading »

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