Thanksgiving Smoothie Fun

The Jamba Juice near our house is into the Thanksgiving spirit. Here’s the sign announcing their holiday specials. (I’m giving thanks that I haven’t tasted the mashed potato smoothie 🙂

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What does a 20-year-old Twinkie look like?

Many of us expected the Twinkie to survive 20 years with few ill effects. Apparently there are natural ingredients in a Twinkie after all! Continue reading »

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Bacon Salt

Sorry vegetarians, I have to agree with J&D’s – “Everything should taste like bacon.”

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Reindeer Roadkill

Saw this on a walk yesterday.  Poor Rudolph!

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Follow Mii?

OK, I’m not a big Nintendo Wii player, but why are people so disturbed by this image of Jesus? Check out a blog entry about Mission Bay Community Church’s attempt to reach people by using the culture. The blog post by “Ryan” at the Two Small Coins blog does a nice analysis. Our church used … Continue reading »

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Guns, Germs, and Abs of Steel

OK.  There are no guns in this post, but it sounded much cooler with them. I have found the easiest way to get the abs you’ve always dreamed of, and you’re in on the ground floor.  Introducing, Cold and Flu AbsTM Yes, all you need to get that sixpack you’ve always wanted is a preschooler.  … Continue reading »

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