The World We Live In

Everyday Evangelism: Seeing with Jesus’ Eyes

Evangelism literally means bringing the Good News to someone. Everyone can do it. One way is simply to keep your eyes open for need or pain around you. Continue reading »

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Christmas Consumerism Overload

We try hard not to give our kids a lot of stuff at Christmastime.  We let them get stuff they need like shoes, backpacks, and jackets.  They also get a few fun things.  It’s not extravagent, but somehow there’s always enough to blow the kids’ circuit breakers.  And I guess my circuit breaker blew this year too. … Continue reading »

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Bacon Salt

Sorry vegetarians, I have to agree with J&D’s – “Everything should taste like bacon.”

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My Post-Christian Son

I’ve noticed a big difference between the assumptions my 6-year-old son makes and the ones I made at the same age. I used to assume that everyone went to some kind of church. Johnny is surprised to learn that someone goes to church. He realizes that he lives in a post-Christian world. I hadn’t realized … Continue reading »

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