A cold, dark night

Posted by on January 19, 2006

The Whitney family started the New Year off, not with a bang, but with quiet.
Eleanor and Joshua looking at a candle

Our power went out on January 1st at about 2 in the afternoon. We expected it to come back on in a few minutes as it usually does. It didn’t.

OK. It was going to out a while. Eleanor called PG&E to see what was up and they told us to expect the power to be restored by 7 p.m. No point in hanging out in a cold house. We went and ran some errands, ending with dinner. At the end we called PG&E and the new time for restoration of power was midnight.

It was cold and dark so we considered camping out at my parents’ house, but we decided to brave it at home with extra blankets and candles. As angry as I was with PG&E (they originally told us that a crew was working on it, even though there was clearly no crew working on it), we had a nice night. I played the guitar. We told stories. The candles were peaceful. It was a nice, slow night. We hadn’t had one like that in a long time. No computer, no CDs, no TV, nothing.

It turned out that a cold, dark night was just what we needed.

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