Holding onto a moment

Posted by on March 21, 2005

My son Johnny is only two, but I can see how much he’s changed in those two years. Johnny isn’t a baby anymore. While he used to live for being held, now he often prefers to sit by himself. “I do it!” he protests when I try to lift him up onto the couch to sit with me. He looks so small in pictures, but he seems so big compared to the baby he used to be.

I can already imagine him as a teenager distancing himself from Dad… and that’s what made the moment this afternoon special. Monday is my day off from my work at the church, and we were all sitting together since a plumber was trying to fix our gas leak under the house and there wasn’t any heat. (Good thing it wasn’t too cold today.) Anyway, Johnny was sitting with me watching what I was doing on the computer when he started to get sleepy. It’s been a long time since he fell asleep in my arms.

Trinity Kids\' Choir

I don’t know how many more moments we’ll have like this. Sure, there will be other great adventures that we’ll have together, but this is special. It was nice to realize it in the moment this time. I had a chance to enjoy it, and it felt important.

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