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E*Trade is e*vil

OK, so I had an old E*Trade account from my computer industry days.  It still had $126 in it, and E*Trade started charging me a fee of $40/quarter for the privilege of possibly doing business with them in the future.  So I decided to close my account and transfer the money out.  Today, three weeks … Continue reading »

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Feel the “leadership burn”

Wooooo! Lately, I’ve been doing a decent job of doing some light weight training on a semi-regular basis (boy, that sentence don’t claim a lot, does it?)  Anyway, every so often, I bump up my weights, and I can really “feel the burn” as my muscles work harder than they’re accustomed to working.  There’s something … Continue reading »

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Satisfy the crowd, crucify Jesus?

 Mark 15:15 says, “Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. He had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified.” Last spring another pastor said that he had a word for me: “God has your ministry on hold until you can stop worryign about what other people think.”  OUCH!  Do I really … Continue reading »

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Evangelism in 2007

I’m on my way home from the Presbyterian Church’s Evangelism Conference.  It’s clear to me that evangelism has really changed since the days when you could follow a script or hand people a booklet and they would make a decision to be a Christian.  These days it’s all about having relationships with people and about … Continue reading »

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Mark of the Beast to Be Illegal in California?

The Bible’s book of Revelation is a tough nut to crack. To figure out what it meant to its readers, you have to understand all kinds of allusions, several literary genres, and a ton of historical context. I will not be doing that today 🙂 Instead I’m looking at a popular interpretation of Revelation 13:16-17 … Continue reading »

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