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Civic Responsibility and Daytime TV

I was sick recently, and since we shut off cable TV, I found myself exploring that vast wasteland that is daytime television.  And then it hit me… Almost every time I talk to someone about jury duty, they’re trying to come up with innovative ideas for getting out of it.  But when I turn on … Continue reading »

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“God doesn’t hear my prayers” – Johnny and the problem of unanswered prayer

Johnny, my four-year-old son, put into words what a lot of people believe but won’t say. The other day we were just arriving at home after an outing and Johnny just came out and said, “I think my prayers don’t work or God doesn’t hear my prayers.” “Why do you say that, Johnny?” Eleanor, my … Continue reading »

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God’s fingerprints on our brains?

OK, that title sounds nasty, but what I mean is that every so often we find evidence that what the Bible teaches us about how we’re made is true.  I just read an article that gives us another peek at how God made us.  As it turns out, the need to give is wired deep … Continue reading »

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Singing Rabbit

I seem to be on a rabbit theme lately.  Check out the weirdest commercial I’ve seen in a long time.  (There’s some deep stuff coming, but that takes time so in the meantime, here’s the Skittles rabbit.)  🙂

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