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Live via podcast

Hey, all!  You can listen to my preaching now without even coming to West Sacramento!  (Though it’s still better live, and you also get to hear and sing some great music.)  Visit our church podcast. And if you do, please leave a comment or two on there.  The silence is deafening. 🙂  

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Goodbye Tower Records

As you may know, Tower Records started in Sacramento. My family and I went there for music and to Tower Books for kids’ books, classics, and obscure magazines. Now Tower is in bankruptcy and have hired a company to sell off the inventory. Eleanor and I went to say goodbye and to check out the bargains. This is a picture … Continue reading »

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Edible Necklace?

I didn’t realize this, but apparently macaroni necklaces are not only edible but are a sought-after doggie delicacy. (See picture.) Johnny, whose necklace was consumed, did not find this revelation as exciting as I did.

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God’s Provision – Still in Progress

It felt like a message from God. “Don’t worry, Steve. We’ll get through this together.” I look forward to telling you how it works out. Continue reading »

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A letter to the church that helped me become a pastor

Do you every wonder if what you do makes a difference? … As you read this, think about the “little things” that you may have done and how – taken together with the actions of others – they can change people’s lives. Continue reading »

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