Missionaries or Consumers?

Posted by on February 18, 2006

As you may have read in my last post, our church has just started a second worship service. At our current site, that pretty much maxes out Sunday morning. If we fill both services (about 300 people total if nearly every seat is full), we’ll be looking for new, creative ways to make room for people who need God in their lives.

The traditional way would be to buy land and build a new facility. That would be very cool, but land and construction costs have both skyrocketed. God could still make it possible, of course, but I think we need to consider alternatives too.

One alternative would be to offer worship at another site – a school, hotel banquet room, who knows?

That’s what a lot of new church plants do. But we’d have to swim upstream in our culture. Large churches have convinced Christians that going to church is about finding a place that meets all of your needs and then being served by it. If we decided to meet in a gym, cafeteria, or banquet room, we’d need a large crew of missionaries! People would need to set up and take down all of the chairs, set up the Sunday School classrooms, set up and tear down all of the sound and multimedia equipment, haul it all in from the trailer and put it all back, as well as the usual requirements for musicians, greeters, child care providers, children’s teachers, etc.

I wonder if our congregation is ready to be missionaries? But maybe this is just what we need. And then, once we understand that – like Jesus – our role is to serve rather than to be served, then God can provide us with a beautiful facility. Perhaps only then we could make full use of it.

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